Thursday, July 17, 2008

Laundry happens..

Yep it's Thursday and I change hotels tomorrow- therefore it's laundry night.
That means I have ironed and did laundry in the same week. The universe has definitely tilted on its axis!
But it is such domesticated tasks that made me happy its Jeans and sneakers day made the whole packing and laundry thing easier.

So tomato's are not the culprit for the salmonella/ecoli whatever breakout. The government said OOPS! perhaps we have erred. Meanwhile whole farms worth of tomato's were plowed under as unsellable for no reason - why as a tax paying person do I feel that not only are tomato's going up in price but that my wallet and yours will be held liable for the OOPS!

Thunder storms are banging away outside..

That is all...

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