Sunday, July 20, 2008

my weekend....

Finding Starbucks and my favorite apple fritter Saturday morning - a good start..

Finding the Baha'i Center on the first try - encouraging.

Doing business with national outfit Jiffy Lube - a great experience - I put my NY car in an Iowa shop - the attendant comes out and greets me - Hello Mr. Bush - I see the last time you visited us in East Greenbush you had ... done - do you want to..You bet I do - that's called service!

Finding the stand alone (not in a mall) 16 plex - a plus.

Seeing lines like the Beatles reunited and movies being sold out days in advance - with people being told when they bought tickets for tomorrows show to show up 1 1/2 hours early to wait in line..not part of a world I live in!!!

Getting in right away to see the next showing of Wanted - a plus.

My review of the move - should have been titled - Help Wanted.

Having my favorite Dinner at AppleBee's - Orange Crunchy Chicken Bowl (it's the same everywhere you travel!- followed by a key lime shooter for dessert - a nice finish to the day (well except for that whole tornado thingy - see below)

On Sunday

A real breakfast at the Village Inn with a complimentary Sunday Paper to read - the way to start a day.

A good talk with my honey followed by a talk with my Mom - well good for my heart.

Going to Devotions at the Cedar Rapids Baha'i Center - refreshing..

An early burrito for lunch at Panchero's - tasty - very fresh food - and reasonable.

Attending a minor league baseball game - always fun..

Hearing a 7 year old girl out to the game with Mom, Dad and about 9 year old brother - inform her mother that this was rather boring - even before the game started - worth a Grandpa chuckle...

Talking baseball (and a little trash) with total strangers - a great way to pass the day..

Finding out the Met's came from behind and won while watching the 5th inning via a call from my wife - excellent news...

Not paying the electric bill at the hotel - coming back to your room and cranking the AC so that my body may return to a more human like form after sitting in 90 degree weather for 4 hours - a small guilty pleasure...

Realizing that I am too hot to go out to eat but that there is a Coldstone Creamery right next door and something Chocolate Marshmallowy is going to be the main entree for dinner tonight - Excellent!

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