Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Old School...

Went food shopping after work tonight. I went to a small supermarket called Fareway in North Liberty, Iowa. It took me back to the local A&P my family frequented when I was a child in Brooklyn. The cashiers were all dressed better than most of the women I worked with today. There were 5 registers on the front end all were open - each cashier had a young man who bagged the groceries - they wore slacks, white shirt a tie and aprons. There were actual butchers in the Meat dept.

Service - its a concept! Maybe it will catch on again.

Must admit to really enjoying the intro's at the All Star game tonight.

Loads of folks I saw play - some in the Polo Grounds. It was a nice moment when the Yankees on the field greeted the obviously ailing George Steinbrenner as he brought out the ceremonial first ball. But to see McCovey and Mays, Gibson and Brock, Brooks Robinson, Harmon Killebrew, Al Kaline, Reggie Jackson, Hank Aaron - and of course Yogi - it was good for my heart. OK so Yankee Stadium deserved this fitting good-bye.

HBO ran its special on Mickey Mantle. I was truly brought back to my youth when they showed footage of the first Mickey Mantle day..I was there and remember it well. My friend Anthony and I along with our Dad's saw a great event.

Now if the National League can only win tonight so the Met's can have home field advantage during the World Series and there can be a truly fitting farewell to Shea.

Yep - now that's a good dream...

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