Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Cost of living is an interesting thing - the difference between a renting a 2 Bedroom in Albany and a 2 Bedroom in Cedar Rapids (non-flood) is $300 per month or $3600 per year. The best CD rate for 1 year I could find on the web was 3.45%. Using the assumption that the money in your retirement account pays your rent you would need $105,000 more just for the privilege of living in Albany. Though, I have heard that rentals in Mexico are even cheaper!

OK so the National league did not win - it still does not mean that the Met's can't win the World Series on the last game at Shea.

The ladies I am working with all seem to have young babies - first young lady has a 9 month old son and today I worked with a woman who has a 6 month old. Babies are everywhere. But my Grandkids are the best and I show everyone their pictures which are proudly displayed on my desk. A few older gentlemen have stopped to tell me how good looking they are..

One of the new smells in my life is the odor from a soy bean processing plant (I pass it on the way to my hotel daily)..I wish I could can it and send it to every veggie type in the world..smells like a very bad pot roast.. But hey tofu will save the world...or not. They have proven now that soy lowers testosterone levels in men..something which lowers all by itself in old age anyway - but hey who needs to feel older soonerer...Did I tell you how much I enjoyed the sirloin I had at Texas Roadhouse on Sunday..Corn fed beef..yep - I insist on all my cows being veggies types...Yum!

Interesting - without mentioning it 3 different men said that if I liked baseball I should go see the Kernels play. They are an A level farm team of the LA Angels. Interesting in that baseball was not the subject - they just offered it as something to do whilst sojourning in Iowa.

Billy Wagner is having dinner with the President of the United States today..I'm speechless..

Well soon to bed, perchance to dream

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aberator said...

those texans gotta stick together y'all. W & W can talk about not being liked by the general public..
you should look up the local farm team schedules and go see some baseball.