Saturday, July 26, 2008

Service to the Cause of God

My wife called me about an hour ago and informed me that she had obtained a copy of the American Baha'i - and that Viola Wood had passed away at age 84 in Idaho.

I do not know how to express my sadness for the passing of such a great soul from this world. Viola was the Secretary of the Spiritual Assembly of the Baha'i's of New York City - forever. Viola was also the delegate from NY to the National Convention for many years. Many years ago my family and I lived at the NYC Baha'i Center as Caretaker's. Viola was there almost as many hours as we were. Viola was there for Assembly Meetings on Tuesdays. Then she would come in to work in the Assembly office at least two other nights during the week - many times more than that. In addition I cannot remember in my years of living in NYC Viola ever missing a Feast, she was always there to give the Secretary's report.

When I think of faithfulness, and service to the Cause of Baha'u'llah I think of Viola. To my daughter Abby I say that this great lady held you as a child - and you were truly touched by greatness.

Now I pray for Viola and her great soul, but I am pretty sure in my heart that the Master greeted her personally upon arrival..

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