Monday, July 14, 2008

stuff to say

OK so the Mets go into the All Star break 1/2 game out of first place - having won 9 in a row. The pitching staff suddenly looks awesome. It should be a great 2nd half.

Two men of note passed away during the past few days. Bobby Murcer and Tony Snow. I mention them because they were two of the good guys. Bobby Murcer as a guy who was Post Mantle and here comes the Boss - but was always a gentleman and was always nice even as a denizen of the evil empire. Tony Snow - who I grew to like in my years as a sales person listening to him fill in for Rush. A true gentleman - even the loyal opposition liked him. He was my age. Gone too soon!

And - Yes I am in Cedar Rapids. Today is the first day of assignment #2 as a Consultant. May this be a mutually profitable and enjoyable venture.

Yes the flood waters are gone. But I must say I had some logistical problems as all the emergency detour signs are seemingly in place and no longer have meaning.. but it is dry and the weather is just magnificent today.

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