Monday, July 7, 2008

Where I be..

OK so my two year consulting assignment lasted 3 months.
I did enjoy this whole consulting thing - but it could very well be over as quick as it started.
I did do much traveling and I met some great people in Wisconsin and Iowa.
I got to meet Baha'i's in both states.
It has been an adventure but what do I have to show for it - 2 free nights at a Comfort Inn, 2 Free Nights at a Raddison hotel and 1 free round trip flight on Southwest Airlines anywhere in the U.S.. Not bad but you have to have some money to travel in order to use any of the above.
So I guess they will stay on the shelf for a little while.
Oh and I also have $900 after fees in travel credit with Delta Airlines, but that is my own money - not an award.

So life has presented me with this new opportunity as I see it and I am surely tempting fate as I write this - one of the following things must needs be next.

1) My Agency finds a new position for me somewhere in America.
2) I can go back to Financial Services Sales - I have standing offers of office space at multiple firms. (I believe this is my wife's least favorite scenario - but the one I am most qualified for!)
3) I can start looking for a Service position in the Capital Region somewhere.
4) I can apply for unemployment and take the rest of the year off and work on losing more weight and improve my incredible tan. (of course this is whilst looking for suitable employment!)

There are other more cynical paths that could be followed - like claiming that it is just too hard to work anymore as a heavily medicated type II diabetic with severe osteoarthritis in both hips. But they are just not my thing.

I could by lottery and scratch off tickets daily - but I have a better chance of getting hit by lightning.

But alas indeed a new road must be chosen. In the Guardians steps of prayer - we are to pray, meditate, make a decision and then arise and act like the prayer has been answered. I am having some trouble with that right now. The crystal ball has gone dark.

Time is a healer. Today I choose to work on my tan! Tomorrow - well - we'll see!

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Anonymous said...

well, way to tempt fate. good work there.