Sunday, August 3, 2008

The Home Report..

Well for the current 6 month contract being home is going to be a rarer event.
Today is the last full day of this visit that does not involve regularly scheduled working hours.
So far, my wife still recognized me, I have gotten a chance to visit with both my daughters and to play with both my grandchildren. A successful weekend by any standard.

I also saw The Dark Knight - and while probably the best of all the Batman films - it was not my cup of tea. Heath Ledger did a fine job as the joker - but I do not believe it is Oscar worthy. Iron Man is still the best comic book to movie - movie of the year.

The Met's are dysfunctional. I must admit that I do not believe anyone from the NL East is worthy of the World Series this year.

Hosted Feast last night - it was my first Feast back home since March.

I am concerned about the Baha'i's in Iran - the string of arson's this year directed at members of the Faith, the 7 leaders still under arrest. I applaud the House of Representatives for passing their 10th resolution condemning the Iranian government for their mistreatment of the Baha'i Community in their country. I pray this comes to an end soon.

But for now - it is onward and upward - I am thankful to be working in this troubled economy.. even if it is a thousand miles away.

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