Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The true Olympics

While I have enjoyed watching the Olympics so far - from the outtakes of the Opening Ceremony I viewed on-line, to everybody who dives in the pool breaking a world record, I ran track in high school. For me the true Olympics start Friday when the Track & Field competition finally starts.

It's always nice to know one is not alone. This is a quote from the reporter who covers Track & Field for Sports Illustrated:

Customarily, in the Olympic realm, I am a track and field writer, but these are the Olympic Games, where versatility is required, and besides, the track meet does not begin until Friday morning in Beijing. I covered road cycling on the weekend for Sports Illustrated (cycling is track on bikes) and on Monday morning in Beijing I was in attendance at the Cube (swimming is track in the water). I also cover horse racing (which is track on horseback). But enough.

Tim Layden

Sports Illustrated

Well said!!

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