Friday, September 12, 2008

Arizona Highways

As a youngster I remember looking through many editions of a magazine called Arizona Highways.
The magazine was full of magnificent pictures of the stunning landscapes to be found in Arizona.

Yesterday my wife and I took a ride on the Verde Canyon Railroad (Clarkdale, AZ) and got to see some of this beautiful country up close from the comfort of a first class railroad car with attached open air viewing cars.

The album can be found here. This was one of the most relaxing 4 hour journeys I have taken. I highly recommend it.

Afterwards we had dinner and saw a show at the Blazing M Ranch. It was fun. It was also nice to see a crowd of about 300 pause for saying a personal grace before eating. Taking a moment of silence for a 9/11 memorial and remembrance of our troops and closing the show with everyone singing God Bless America.

This is the America I remember from my youth and the one I love today.

An excellent day indeed!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

A thank you to the Kernels

The Cedar Rapids Kernels season came to an end today. They lost their second game to the Burlington Bees this afternoon.

As a contractor working in Cedar Rapids from way out of town - New York, I just wanted to thank the Kernels for some of the most enjoyable baseball I have seen in sometime. The 5 games I saw from 7/19 through your loss last night - were fun to be at.

Many of you no doubt will be moving up from here in the off season - best of luck!.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Iowa Photos

Many of you know I have spent much time working in Iowa this year. I also have a new digital camera. Here are some photos from where I have been hanging out of late.