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July 23rd in Baha'i History

1912 – Abdul-Baha gave a Talk at Hotel Victoria, Boston, Massachusetts

Abdul-Baha traveled from [New York -- Boston]

`Abdu'l-Bahá left New York at 8:00 a.m. for Boston and Dublin, reaching Boston at 3:30 p.m. A number of friends were at the train station to receive Him. As soon as they saw Him, they hovered around Him like moths around a candle, anxious to sacrifice themselves before Him. As He did not plan to stay in Boston for more than two nights, He instructed everyone in His entourage except an interpreter and a secretary to go directly to Dublin.
He then went to the Hotel Victoria where the public meeting was held at 6:00 p.m. There were both Bahá'ís and non-Bahá'ís present as well as some journalists who questioned Him about His purpose in coming to America. The Master replied:
I came for the peace gatherings in America. They are good. But their efforts must not end in words alone. I pray that they may receive confirmation so that this country may become the center of efforts for peace.

His address was on economic problems.

Strive, therefore, to create love in the hearts in order that they may become glowing and radiant. When that love is shining, it will permeate other hearts even as this electric light illumines its surroundings. When the love of God is established, everything else will be realized. This is the true foundation of all economics. Reflect upon it. Endeavor to become the cause of the attraction of souls rather than to enforce minds. Manifest true economics to the people. Show what love is, what kindness is, what true severance is and generosity. This is the important thing for you to do. Act in accordance with the teachings of Bahá'u'lláh. All His Books will be translated. Now is the time for you to live in accordance with His words. Let your deeds be the real translation of their meaning. Economic questions will not attract hearts. The love of God alone will attract them. Economic questions are most interesting; but the power which moves, controls and attracts the hearts of men is the love of God.
(Abdu'l-Baha, The Promulgation of Universal Peace, p. 238)
1964 – On Submission to Government

Bahá'ís must live the Bahá'í life, fully and continuously, unless prevented by the authorities. If local, state, or federal authorities actively prohibit Bahá'í life or some aspect of it, then Bahá'ís must submit to these requirements in all cases except where a spiritual principle is involved such as a denial of faith. This Bahá'ís cannot do under any circumstances. The lives the friends lead will prove to be the greatest teachers.
Letter from the Universal House of Justice, dated July 23, 1964, to a National Spiritual Assembly (Compilations, NSA USA - Developing Distinctive Baha'i Communities)

1976 - Representation of the Universal House of Justice by Hands of the Cause of God at International Conferences

We joyfully announce that the following Hands of the Cause of God have been named as our representatives to the International Conferences:
Collis Featherstone Anchorage, Alaska 23-25 July 1976

(The Universal House of Justice, Messages 1963 to 1986, p. 313)

1985 - Humour too, as you say, is an essential element in preserving a proper balance in this life and in our comprehension of reality. (23 July 1985 to an individual believer) (The Universal House of Justice, 1997 Jan 12, The Humourist, p. 2)

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