Tuesday, September 1, 2009

September 1st in Baha'i History

1912 - Abdul-Baha gave a Talk at Church of the Messiah - Montreal
1912 - Abdul-Baha gave a Talk at Home of Mr. and Mrs. William Sutherland Maxwell #1 Montreal
1912 - Abdul-Baha gave a Talk at Home of Mr. and Mrs. William Sutherland Maxwell #2 montreal
1933 – Overcoming Believer weaknesses

"Chief among these, you mention the lack of courage and of initiative on the part of the believers, and a feeling of inferiority which prevents them from addressing the public. It is precisely these weaknesses that he wishes the friends to overcome, for these do not only paralyse their efforts but actually serve to quench the flame of faith in their hearts. Not until all the friends come to realize that every one of them is able, in his own measure, to deliver the Message, can they ever hope to reach the goal that has been set before them by a loving and wise Master.... Everyone is a potential teacher. He has only to use what God has given him and thus prove that he is faithful to his trust." [4]
[4] From a letter dated 1 September 1933 written on behalf of the Guardian to an individual
(The Universal House of Justice, Ridvan 153, 1996)

1966 - Three More National Assemblies To Be Formed Ridvan 1967
Joyfully announce formation at Ridvan 1967 additional new National Assemblies Belize seat Belize, Laos seat Vientiane, Sikkim seat Gangtok, calling upon National Assemblies Guatemala, Thailand, India respectively call first conventions election national assemblies. Sikkim Assembly supplementary achievement Nine Year Plan. Changed situation Cambodia requires postponement formation national assembly that country. Addition above national assemblies raises total throughout the world to eighty-one whose members will participate second International Convention. Offering prayers of gratitude Bahá'u'lláh supplicating Divine confirmations expansion consolidation these territories assuring solid foundation future pillars Universal House of Justice.
[Cablegram, September 1, 1966]* (The Universal House of Justice, Wellspring of Guidance, Messages 1963-1968, p. 97)

1984 - Dedication of the House of Worship in Apia, Western Samoa.

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