Thursday, December 31, 2009

December 31st in Baha'i History

12/31/1843 - The passing of Shaykh Kazim-i-Rashti, the chosen successor of Shaykh Ahmad in Karbala.

12/31/1912 - Abdul-Baha visits Oxford and address a crowd at Manchester College.

Excerpt from The Christian Commonwealth, January 22, 1913: "'Abdu'l-Bahá at Oxford"

'Abdu'l-Bahá addressed a large and deeply interested audience at Manchester College, Oxford, on December 3 I. The Persian leader spoke in his native tongue, Mirza Ahmad Sohrab interpreting. Principal Estlin Carpenter presided, and introduced the speaker by saying that they owed the honor and pleasure of meeting 'Abdu'lBaha to their revered friend, Dr. Cheyne, who was deeply interested in Bahá'í teaching. The movement sprung up during the middle of the last century in Persia, with the advent of a young Muhammadan who took to himself the title of the Báb (meaning door or gate, through which men could arrive at the knowledge or truth of God), and who commenced teaching in Persia in the year I 844. The purity of his character, the nobility of his words, aroused great enthusiasm. He was, however, subjected to great hostility by the authorities, who secured his arrest and imprisonment, and he was finally executed in 1850. But the movement went on, and the writings of the Báb, which had been copious, were widely read. The movement has been brought into India, Europe, and the United States. It does not seek to create a new sect, but to inspire all sects with a deep fundamental love. The late Dr. Jowett once said to him that he had been so deeply impressed with the teachings and character of the Báb that he though Bábíism, as the present movement was then known, might become the greatest religious movement since the birth of Christ. (Misc Baha'i, Appreciations of the Baha'i Faith, p. 32)

12/31/1936 - Khusraw Biman, the first Zooastrian to accept the Faith in India passes away in Bombay at the age of 103 or 104.

12/31/1939 - Lady Bloomfield, surnamed Sitarih Khanum, dies in London.

12/31/1947 - Suzette Hipp becomes the first to accept the Faith in Luxembourg.

12/31/1962 - The first indigenous LSA in Venezuela is formed among Yaruro Indians, Apure State, Village of Aqua Linda

12/31/1991 - NSA of Niger is given permission to engage in Bahai activities by the Ministry of the Interior


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