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April 15th in Baha'i History

The Shrine of Baha'u'llah

15-20 April 1890 Edward Granville Browne of Cambridge University, interviews Bahá'u'lláh four times and visits with 'Abdu'l-Bahá at Bahjí.

It was in that same mansion that the distinguished Orientalist, Prof. E. G. Browne of Cambridge, was granted his four successive interviews with Bahá'u'lláh, during the five days he was His guest at Bahji (April 15-20, 1890), interviews immortalized by the Exile's historic declaration that "these fruitless strifes, these ruinous wars shall pass away and the 'Most Great Peace' shall come." "The face of Him on Whom I gazed," is the interviewer's memorable testimony for posterity, "I can never forget, though I cannot describe it. Those piercing eyes seemed to read one's very soul; power and authority sat on that ample brow.... No need to ask in whose presence I stood, as I bowed myself before one who is the object of a devotion and love which kings might envy and emperors sigh for in vain." "Here," the visitor himself has testified, "did I spend five most memorable days, during which I enjoyed unparalleled and unhoped-for opportunities of holding intercourse with those who are the fountain-heads of that mighty and wondrous spirit, which works with invisible but ever-increasing force for the transformation and quickening of a people who slumber in a sleep like unto death. It was, in truth, a strange and moving experience, but one whereof I despair of conveying any save the feeblest impression."
(Shoghi Effendi, God Passes By, p. 193)

Abdul-Baha in America

15 April 1912 Abdul- Baha - Talk at Home of Mountfort Mills 327 West End Avenue, New York

Monday, April 15, 1992 [New York]

The Master was shown several newspapers that had published His picture and articles about His talks and yesterday's meetings

Abdul- Baha said: Up to the present time no one has traveled, with a purpose like ours, from Persia to America . . . Ours may be said to be the first voyage of Easterners to America.'   (Mahmud's Diary)

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Fiona Saunders-Priem said...

I always find reading these words of Professor Edward Granville Browne thrilling and awe-inspiring.It is an unparalleled event for a Westerner to have met the Blessed Beauty and record such a vivid pen-picture. We are so privileged to be among His followers.