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The Holy Spirit

An article written 30 years ago for the City of The Covenant News.

The Holy Spirit

In the prayer for the Northeast States revealed by Abdul-Baha[1], a supplication the “is to be read by the teachers and friends daily,” we beseech God to “bestow upon us the breath of the Holy Spirit.” What are we praying for when we read this statement?

A survey of Abdul-Baha’s writings shows us that the Holy Spirit is: a perfect and divine power[2], a divine favor that can revive our souls[3], and “has effective power in the realities of things and creates new creatures”[4]. The Holy Spirit is a force that strengthens us after prayer and supplication[5], and it is a force that teaches every sincere and faithful soul[6]. The Holy Spirit is our companion[7], a heavenly blessing that descends on us[8], a source of help[9], and our assistant[10]. The Holy Spirit is the bestower of life to our hearts [11] and makes our hearts tranquil[12]. It is a personal, and an integral part of our communion with our Creator. The Holy Spirit is a mediator between God and man[13], without whose influence “man would remain dull, helpless and deprived of all attainment. But touched by that Divine Elixir, he becomes tender, loving, responsive and capable of every perfection of life.[14]

Yet on another level we are told that the Holy Spirit is watchful over the nations[15], that it is the establisher of the congregations of the righteous ones[16] and that the Holy Spirit is the force and power through which our Assemblies should make the souls real Baha’is[17].

Abdul-Baha also tells us that the “teachings of Baha’u’llah are the breaths of the Holy Spirit which create men anew[18]” and that the Holy Spirit is the executive force by which the teachings of God are established in human hearts and conditions[19].

The Holy Spirit is our source of confirmations. The Holy Spirit gives us power to teach[20], and is how the breath of life reaches other souls[21].

The Holy Spirit is that ideal force which we must reflect to our fellowman. It starts small. It starts in being the Power by which we ourselves are transformed, born again into the heaven of reunion, with our Lord Baha’u’llah. The Holy Spirit is the confirming power we need to attract, in order to be effective in transforming the hearts of our fellowmen into organs pulsating to the rhythms of the Will of God. And by virtue of the former two transformations, the Holy Spirit is the force that has the potential to transform our world into the Kingdom of God on earth.

In closing, Abdul-Baha revealed this beautiful exhortation in a tablet to an American believer. “ I pray to God that He may cause to descend upon thee a heavenly blessing, quicken thy heart with the Holy Spirit into an everlasting life and make thy heart a source of merciful sentiments so that thy breath may become a quickener of souls, thine attractions may move the heart of the world, thy strong love may attract the hearts of me that thine abundant affection may become a mercy to mankind in the world of existence[22].

May we pray likewise for ourselves and our coworkers.

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