Saturday, July 20, 2013

9 ways in which man turns his heart to God or


1)      Supplication – a humble, earnest entreaty, with a sense of dependence on something greater than ourselves.
2)      Compunction – an uneasiness of mind, arising from wrongdoing. The sting of conscience; a feeling of unworthiness.
3)      Aspiration – a longing for what is above ones present attainment – a vague longing for what is pure, noble, and spiritual.
4)      Intercession – prayer on behalf of others
5)      Gratitude – our sense of appreciation for favors and bounties received.
6)      Meditation – a state of reflection, pondering on statements of thoughts, ideas and principles about God.
7)      Oblation – sacrifice in worship
8)      Adoration – joyful, spontaneous uplift of deep feelings of love, admiration, awe and devotion.
9)      Communion – the “spirits conversation with God”, the longing of the soule to receive wisdom and light, to receive illumination from the Divine Spirit.

(DOA – On Wings of Prayer by Ruth Moffett)

Some Writings on Prayer

Ours should be the prayer that His blessings may be vouchsafed in still greater abundance, and ours to hold fast to such means as shall ensure a fuller outpouring of His grace and a greater measure of His divine assistance. (Selections from the Writings of Abdul-Baha p. 92)

Praise be to God, thy heart is engaged in the commemoration of God, thy soul is gladdened by the glad tidings of God and thou art absorbed in prayer. The state of prayer is the best of conditions, for man is then associating with God. Prayer verily bestoweth life, particularly when offered in private and at times, such as midnight, when freed from daily cares. (Selections from the Writings of Abdul-Baha p. 202)

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