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August 13th in Baha'i History

August 13

1912- Abdul-Baha was in Dublin, NH
Because some of the people who met `Abdu'l-Bahá today were musicians, He gave an explanation of the science of music:
Music is produced by vibrations of air which affect the tympanum of the ear. Although music or an ordinary pleasing voice is of the physical realm, yet it has an effect upon the spirit. In the same manner, freshness and purity of the air, the atmosphere, the scenery and sweet fragrances impart joy, spirituality and comfort to the heart. Even though these are physical phenomena they have a great spiritual influence.
He then narrated stories of the great masters of music, gave an account of the famous Rúdakí235 and read his famous poem which had caused Amír Nasir Samani to change his course from Herat to Bokhara:236

The Júy-i-Múliyán237 we call to mind
We long for those dear friends long left behind.
The sands of Oxus, toilsome though they be,
Beneath my feet were soft as silk to me.

The Master ended His explanations with beautiful songs and these verses:
From whence comes this minstrel
Who sings the name of my Beloved,
That I lay down this life and soul
For a message from my Loved One?
To hear the message from the City of the Beloved
Resuscitates the heart.
The soul dances
On hearing the Word of the Beloved.

In the afternoon the Master spoke on the immortality of the soul and the teachings of the new Manifestation. Afterwards, many were eager to see Him alone. He said to them:
My desire is greater than yours. Some of the disciples went to Rumelia and said, `We had a desire to see you so we have come from Jerusalem to this place.' Now, behold what a desire I had to see you, that I traveled from the East to the West!

1980 - Translation of the Long Healing Prayer and the Fire Tablet

Universal House of Justice recently commissioned the translation into English of two of the important works of Bahá'u'lláh, namely, the Long Healing Prayer and His Tablet entitled "Qad-Ihtaraqa'l-Mukhlisun," known to many in the West as the "Fire Tablet".
These translations have now been checked and approved, and a copy of each is enclosed. The Universal House of Justice leaves it entirely to your discretion to determine how these two works may be shared with the friends under your jurisdiction. There is no objection to their inclusion in prayer books published by National Spiritual Assemblies.
[Both prayers are published in BP, pp. 91-99, 114-20.]
With loving Bahá'í greetings,

Department of the Secretariat

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