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January 15th in Baha'i History

Shrine of the Bab, Haifa Israel

1850 - Sayyah Arrives at Tabarsi on a Pilgrimage on behalf of the Bab
No sooner had He completed His eulogies of those who had immortalised their names in the defence of the fort, than He summoned, on the day of Ashura, Mulla Adi-Guzal, one of the believers of Maraghih, who for the last two months had been acting as His attendant instead of Siyyid Hasan, the brother of Siyyid Husayn-i-'Aziz. He affectionately received him, bestowed upon him the name Sayyah, entrusted to his care the visiting Tablets He had revealed in memory of the martyrs of Tabarsi, and bade him perform, on His behalf, a pilgrimage to that spot. "Arise," He urged him, "and with complete detachment proceed, in the guise of a traveller, to Mazindaran, and there visit, on My behalf, the spot which enshrines the bodies of those immortals who, with their blood, have sealed their faith in My Cause. As you approach the precincts of that hallowed ground, put off your shoes and, bowing your head in reverence to their memory, invoke their names and prayerfully make the circuit of their shrine. Bring back to Me, as a remembrance of your visit, a handful of that holy earth which covers the remains of My beloved ones, Quddus and Mulla
Faithful to the instructions he had received, Sayyah set out on his pilgrimage to Mazindaran. He reached his destination on the first day of Rabi'u'l-Avval in the year 1266 A.H.,[1] and by the ninth day of that same month,[2] the first anniversary of the martyrdom of Mulla Husayn, he had performed his visit and acquitted himself of the mission with which he had been entrusted. From thence he proceeded to Tihran.
[1 January 15, 1850 A.D.] [2 January 23, 1850 A.D.] Dawnbreakers pg,431

1933 - Message to Agnes Alexander from Shoghi Effendi

"The different nations of the world will never attain peace except after recognizing the significance of the teachings and wholeheartedly upholding them, for through these precepts all international problems will be solved and every man will secure the spiritual environment in which his soul can evolve and produce its highest fruits." (To Miss Agnes Alexander, Tokyo, dated Haifa, January15, 1933.)
Extracts from USBN
Baha'i House of Worship, Kampala, Uganda

15 Jan 1961 Dedication of the House of Worship in Kampala, Uganda

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