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January 18th in Baha'i History

January 18th 1980 - Release of a Compilation on Divorce

The Universal House of Justice has noted with increasing concern that the undisciplined attitude of present-day society towards divorce is reflected in some parts of the Bahá'í World Community. Our Teachings on this subject are clear and in direct contrast to the loose and casual attitude of the "permissive society," and it is vital that the Bahá'í Community practice these Teachings.
In order to help the believers appreciate the need to preserve the sacred marital bond, the Research Department has, at the instruction of the House of Justice, prepared a compilation of texts on the reprehensibility of divorce in the light of our Teachings. …
With loving Bahá'í greetings, - Department of the Secretariat

Bahá'u'lláh, as you have mentioned, abhors divorce, and therefore the Bahá'ís should do their utmost to preserve their marriage which is a divinely ordained institution. But, as divorce is not prohibited in the Faith, and as it is a personal matter, the Universal House of Justice does not wish to interfere in such cases.

Written on behalf of the Universal House of Justice, October 4, 1978, quoted in a letter from the Universal House of Justice dated May 17, 1988

(Compilations, NSA USA - Developing Distinctive Baha'i Communities)

January 18, 2001: The announcement is made that 9 Baha'is have been placed under arrest in Egypt.

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