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January 28th in Baha'i History

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1919 - Abdul-Baha – Letter to Grace Holley – translated by Shoghi Effendi -

Mrs. Grace Holley; Visalia, California,
Upon her be Baha'o'l Abha!

O, maid-servant of God!

If at every instant thou tenderest thy thanks to Mrs. Brittingham, thou shalt not be able to acquit thyself, for she has been the cause of thy everlasting life and the means of thy being born again. Christ in that connection says:- "The one who is borne of flesh is flesh and the one borne from spirit is spirit, ye must be borne again."

Thou hast been born of the Spirit and hast entered the Kingdom of God. What bestowal is there greater than this? Ever remember it. Strive thou similarly to become the cause of other people's life so that the splendour of the Oneness of the world of Humanity may enlighten the eyes.

Kiss thou the cheeks of thy dear children on my behalf.

Upon thee be Baha'o'llah El-Abha!

(Signed [in English])

Translated by Shoghi Rabbani, January 28, 1919.
Home of Abdul Baha, Haifa, Palestine.

This tablet can be found on line here  in Baha'i Library

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