Tuesday, January 7, 2014

January 7th in Baha'i History

1913 - Abdul-Baha's Talk given to  the Esperanto Society Edinburgh 

Oneness of language will transform mankind into one world, remove religious misunderstandings, and unite East and West in the spirit of brotherhood and love. Oneness of language will change this world from many families into one family. This auxiliary international language will gather the nations under one standard, as if the five continents of the world had become one, for then mutual interchange of thought will be possible for all. It will remove ignorance and superstition, since each child of whatever race or nation can pursue his studies in science and art, needing but two languages -- his own and the International. The world of matter will become the expression of the world of mind. Then discoveries will be revealed, inventions will multiply, the sciences advance by leaps and bounds, the scientific culture of the earth will develop along broader lines. Then the nations will be enabled to utilize the latest and best thought, because expressed in the International Language.

Baha'i Scriptures Part 4 #665

1922 -  The Will  and Testament of 'Abdu'l-Bahá is read to a gathering of Bahá'ís from many countries.
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1937 - Howard Colby Ives finishes his work Portals to Freedom

To those who have read this chronicle with the "eye of heart" some glimmer of conviction may have come that such a world is open to them, such a life may be approximated for themselves, such a portal may be entered by their feet, such a freedom be attained. It is with this hope that my story has been told.
January 7, 1937.

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A brief biography and phot can be found here.


Candace Jacallen said...

As yet, no one knows which language that will be...

Jack Bush said...

Being professionally involved in the International Banking and Foreign Securities business I have always thought it would be English. Also I felt this way based on all the Baha'i's I know who have gone abroad and taught English as a second language. However to quote a Spanish-American comedian - this is America - Speak Spanish!