Monday, January 6, 2014

Similarity of the Life of the Bab and the Life of Jesus Christ

The Shrine of the Bab, Haifa, Israel

The passion of Jesus Christ, and indeed His whole public ministry, alone offer a parallel to the Mission and death of the Bab, a parallel which no student of comparative religion can fail to perceive or ignore.

In the youthfulness and meekness of the Inaugurator of the Bábí Dispensation;

 in the extreme brevity and turbulence of His public ministry;

in the dramatic swiftness with which that ministry moved towards its climax;

in the apostolic order which He instituted,

and the primacy which He conferred on one of its members;

in the boldness of His challenge to the time-honored conventions, rites and laws which had been woven

into the fabric of the religion He Himself had been born into;

in the role which an officially recognized and firmly entrenched religious hierarchy played as chief instigator of the outrages which He was made to suffer;

in the indignities heaped upon Him;

in the suddenness of His arrest;

in the interrogation to which He was subjected;

in the derision poured, and the scourging inflicted, upon Him;

in the public affront He sustained;

and, finally, in His ignominious suspension before the gaze of a hostile multitude –

in all these we cannot fail to discern a remarkable similarity to the distinguishing features of the career of Jesus Christ.

                (Shoghi Effendi, God Passes By, p. 56)

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