Sunday, March 23, 2014

Baseball, The Sacred and World Peace

Opening Day for Baseball is approaching rapidly.

I am a New York Met's fan...OK - there I said it...

I was born in Brooklyn. In the era (50's) where the guts of that esteemed Borough were ripped out when the beloved Brooklyn Dodgers were stolen by the rogue republic of California. People in Brooklyn, many of them my relatives were devastated.

A new Team the Met's came along in the 60's.  I was blessed to go to games with my Dad as a child in the Polo Grounds (former home of the NY Giants - also stolen by that rogue republic of California)

Side Note: I now live in Minneapolis former home of the NBA - Lakers (yes Minnesota is the Land of 10,000 Lakes - not Los Angeles). Also, stolen by the rogue republic of California..perhaps Mexico will take California back...

As I search my memory of those early Met's games it seems that I never missed a "twilight" double header with the Dodger's.  We rooted for the Met's but for sure we were there to see our former heroes  - Koufax, Drysdale, Johnny Padres, Tommy Davis... In my Little League when they had professional players visit - it was always members of the Dodger's when they were back in town - not the Met's..

I was privileged to find the Baha'i Faith and enroll in 1978. I served almost immediately on the Spiritual Assembly of the Baha'i's of North Hempstead.  It was here that I learned that a Member of the Universal House of Justice,  H. Borah Kavelin had served on the Assembly some years earlier. I also learned from another Assembly member (a NY Yankee fan no less) that  H. Borah Kavelin was the Real Estate person who sold Ebbets Field the Home of the Brooklyn Dodgers.  I am very thankful that I was protected from these obvious tests in the early days of my being a Baha'i.

So here is the documentation of that whole Ebbets Field thing from Mr. Kavelin's obituary...

In 1981, I was privileged to be serving as a Caretaker of the New York City Baha'i Center at 53 East 11th St in Manhattan (I mention this because someday I think a plaque will need to be erected there).

My family lived in the Caretaker's apartment upstairs and in the rear of the Center.  I had just put my Daughter Abigail down for a nap when the phone rang.  The Assembly Treasurer, Hussein Ahdieh was on the line and asked that I come see him in the Assembly Chamber.

I crossed over to the Assembly chamber and when I entered, Hussein, told me to wash my hands. Unusual, yes, but I said sure.  And then it happened...

As I turned into the area where the Assembly meets.. I saw someone else in the chamber, Hussein said something to the effect that this was Universal House of  Justice, Member, Borah Kavelin,   Mr. Kavelin extended his hand to shake, I took it and shook it (generations of Dodger fans in my family, I am sure took notice and voted me out of the family).

At the same time as we shook hands, H. Borah Kavelin bestowed upon me one of the honors of my life.. he placed in my hand a Tablet written by Baha'u'llah after he had been poisoned (rare).  One never knows, when Sacred moments are going to come into your life...this was one of them. As I understood it, this Tablet was being taken back by him to the Holy Land. It had been in the possession of a Persian Baha'i family in Canada.

So, my dear Brooklynites, I must say that the man who sold Ebbets Field has an elevated position in this Met's fan's life. This is proof that World Peace is indeed possible, because when confronted with the Sacred all tribal differences are washed away and nothing but Unity is left in its wake.

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