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April 24th in Baha'i History

Abdul-Baha in America

24 April 1912 Talk at Children’s Reception Studio Hall 1219 Connecticut Avenue, Washington, D.C.

In the morning `Abdu'l-Bahá went to a Bahá'í children's conference As He entered the hall, the children sang songs in praise of `Abdu'l-Bahá in unison, accompanied by the piano. When the Master saw the children, He said, `Praise be to God. These children, like flowers, are in a state of utmost purity, freshness and delicacy!' After He spoke and recited prayers for the children, the Master kissed and embraced each child and gave them some sweets. The immensity of His love and affection for the children was clearly obvious. (Mahmud's Diary)

24 April 1912 Talk at Home of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur J. Parsons 1700 Eighteenth Street, NW, Washington, D.C.

24 April 1912 Talk at Home of Mrs. Andrew J. Dyer 1937 Thirteenth Street, NW, Washington, D.C.

A second meeting was held that evening at the home of Mr and Mrs Andrew J. Dyer, a mixed race couple Those present were in such unity and love that the Master remarked:

Before I arrived, I felt too tired to speak at this meeting but at the sight of such genuine love and attraction between the white and the black friends, I was so moved that I spoke with great love and likened this union of different colored races to a string of gleaming pearls and rubies.  (Mahmud's Diary)

1949 - Clearly identify...what you are giving out with Baha'u'llah

He approves of your desire to teach the principles of the Faith through radio. But he urges you to do all you can to always, however small the reference you are able to make to it may be, clearly identify or associate what you are giving out with Bahá'u'lláh. The time is too short now for us Bahá'í's to be able to first educate humanity and then tell it that the Source is this new World Faith. For their own spiritual protection people must hear of the name Bahá'í -- then, if they turn blindly away, they cannot excuse themselves by saying they never even knew it existed! For dark days seem still ahead of the world, and outside of this Divine Refuge the people will not, we firmly believe, find inner conviction, peace and security. So they have a right to at least hear of the Cause as such! 

Letter on Behalf of Shoghi Effendi
(24 April 1949 to an individual believer)  (Compilations, The Compilation of Compilations vol II, p. 283)

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