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May 4th in Baha'i History

1912 - Abdul-Baha in America

4 May 1912 Talk to Theosophical Society Northwestern University Hall, Evanston, Illinois 

When `Abdu'l-Bahá arrived at the hotel, many people were already waiting for Him. He answered their questions, for which they were filled with gratitude. One person asked him about the future affairs of Asia and the countries in the East. `Abdu'l-Bahá gave a detailed answer:
No progress is possible except through the power of the Holy Spirit and the Cause of God. Each of the Manifestations of God appeared amongst a nation and in a country which outwardly had no means of salvation or progress. But no sooner had those nations come under the shelter of the Cause of God than they excelled all the civilized countries of the world. Today, whichever nation raises the standard of the oneness of humanity and comes under the shelter of this divine power will ultimately lead the whole world.
Question: `What is the difference between the Bahá'í religion and the other religions of the world?'
The foundation of all the religions is one and this foundation is truth. In this respect there is no difference between either the divine religions or their Founders. The subsidiary laws that pertain to the affairs of society differ. These social laws are subject to the demands of time and place, so they are modified in each age.
Question: `What are evil and bad qualities?'
There is no evil in the world of existence; rather, evil is the absence of goodness just as darkness is the absence of light. (Mahmud's Diary)

1942 - Do not wait until you feel qualified..
If the friends always waited until they were fully qualified to do any particular task, the work of the Cause would be almost at a standstill! But the very act of striving to serve, however unworthy one may feel, attracts the blessings of God and enables one to become more fitted for the task.
(4 May 1942, written on behalf of Shoghi Effendi to an individual believer)  (Compilations, Promoting Entry by Troops, p. 2)
1946 -  Baha'i's should have a "sound knowledge of history" in order to help Teach the Faith
The Guardian feels that a sound knowledge of history, including religious history, and also of social and economic subjects, is of great help in teaching the Cause to intelligent people; as to what subjects within the Faith you should concentrate on he feels that the young Bahá'ís should gain a mastery of such books as the "Gleanings", "The Dawn-Breakers", "God Passes By", the "Íqán", "Some Answered Questions" and the more important Tablets. All aspects of the Faith should be deeply studied -- and ... they need to know more about the Administration.
(4 May 1946 on behalf of Shoghi Effendi to an individual believer)  (Compilations, Scholarship, p. 27)

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